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About Docterre

Docterre offers soil ecology consulting and laboratory services, supporting the regeneration of soil ecosystems across Canada and abroad. Docterre is an active contributor to the growing field of soil ecology and is a veteran of the Soil Food Web community. Since 2014, we have been serving Canadians as their trusted reference for the application of soil ecology across sectors and geographies. 

We specialize in soil life microscopy, the production of the highest quality ecologically-complete compost and inoculum, and the mechanical and living systems that accompany these technologies. Our work continually educates and influences farmers, agronomists, agroecologists, other educators, in both English and French. 

Our Approach

Docterre's approach is based a holistic view of understanding  the relationships between all elements in soil environments and the microbial mechanisms which manage the ecosystem services and functions of healthy soils ecosystems. Soil ecology is about interactions and balance between soil biota, soil physical and chemical properties, water, oxygen, and the plants, animals, and humans within a soil environment. We believe that the influence soil biology has on chemical and physical properties of the soil, on plant health and on overall ecosystem resilience and stability has been overlooked for too long. We combine soil food web science with other ecological principles to achieve our goals. We use this information to design the most personalized soil regeneration process, adapting this process as easily as possible to our customers' workflow.

The importance of living soils?

For an introduction to living soils, check out this presentation given by Docterre founder Vivian Kaloxilos at the inaugaral Living Soils Symposium in Montréal, hosted by Regeneration Canada.

Our Clients & Partners

Image by Zoe Schaeffer

We have been fortunate to work with clients and colleagues across many sectors, throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Québec, Nova Scotia, and abroad.

We have assisted cities and municipalities in transitioning their sport field and park management systems away from synthetic dependence and into closed looped regenerative practices. 

We have worked with waste management companies and compost producers and other product companies to improve the quality of their product and efficiency, as well as monitored the quality of their products in our lab.

We have educated and accompanied farmers from small scale market gardeners to large scale cash crop producers on their transition towards regenerative practices and in house compost and inoculum production, and away from high input synthetic based agriculture. 


We have worked with agronomists, landscape architects, landscapers and other consultants in the soil industry who wish to implement more ecological principles into their projects.

We have contributed to the regeneration of sports terrains such as golf courses and soccer fields.

We have worked with school teachers and community organizers who which to improve their understanding of soil ecology and regeneration. 

The Team


Vivian Kaloxilos

Soil Ecologist


Alexandre Dagenais



Maggie Flynn

Director of Operations

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