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Do I need to activate
my compost?

We mean when we say ‘active compost’ is that there are a high number of microorganisms that are actively at work in the compost at that moment. 


The activity of a compost naturally wanes over time as well as with less optimal storage. 


In those moments, activating the compost is a way to optimize our product, and through our pre-activation method you can increase the biomass of active organisms. Increasing the number of active microorganisms in the compost before you make compost extract or compost tea leads to more impactful results. 


Activating a compost is like feeding your sourdough starter before you intend on making bread. 


Docterre’s compost is shipped out at peak biomass during our spring and fall shipment periods, and is therefore very active when you receive it. It remains highly active for about 3 months after you receive it, depending on if you keep it in good conditions (please see our Compost Care instructions page).


When to pre-activate Docterre’s compost?


  • If you’re buying an older batch of our compost (outside of our standard shipping time)

  • If you want to vamp up even more the activity of our compost, even during its peak biomass

  • If you’re trying to introduce specific nutrients into the biological reserves of your compost (biological reserves as in within the physical bodies of the microbes) in order to introduce them into your desired environment. 


If you would like our recipe and process of how to pre-activate a compost, please consult our How and When to Pre-activate your Compost page.

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