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What Equipment Might I Need?
Equipment consultation and needs questionnaire

We offer consultation on the type of system needed to best suit the size and pace of your farm, to make the spreading of microbes effective, enjoyable and efficient.


We offer assistance in the design of extraction systems as well as in the purchase of extractors, support in adjustments and modifications of irrigation systems, sprayers, irrigation for the application of extracts. Assistance in the design of sprayers.

For this you will need to make an appointment with our equipment technician. Our advice is offered remotely or on site, depending on the complexity of your needs.


We also offer an equipment calibration service. This consists of verifying that your extraction is done properly and that the microbes are coming out of the nozzles of your sprayers/watering cans alive, and without too much loss (that they don't stay trapped somewhere in your systems). To do this, our lab technician comes to your premises with a microscope to check everything.  


Goal of our services:


We know what the microbes need, we know what the equipment needs are, so we help you skip years of trial and error, and help you get straight to a system that works for you and your microbes.


To reassure you that everything is in order so that you can apply compost extracts knowing that everything is functioning properly.

Equipment available


We offer extractors tested and prefabricated by our team. These can be modified for various production scales.

Compost Extraction Bags:


We offer custom made microbial extraction bags for any extraction system you may wish to design.

We also offer standard sized mesh extraction bags.

If you are looking to purchase a mesh bag contact us at

Equipment Consultation form
This form gives us some preliminary information needed so that we can assist you with equipment decisions you need to make in order to adequately produce and apply compost extracts and teas.
Are you looking for help with an extractor?
If yes, do you need help with:
Are you looking for help with your strategy to spread microbes or modifications to your equipment to do so?

If yes, please answer the following questions:

Would you like advice on purchasing a new sprayer?
Would you like advice on modifications to an existing sprayer?

If you wish to modify existing equipment, please answer the following questions:

Are you looking for an on-site calibration meeting with our lab technician?

Thanks for completing this form!
We will be in touch as soon as we can.

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