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Compost FAQ:
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Docterre’s compost so good?


Docterre has crafted the highest quality biologically complete compost available on the market for soil ecosystem regeneration. It is strictly for use as inoculum for compost extracts and teas, which are used for soil treatments and foliar sprays.

Our compost is beyond biologically complete – the diversity and biomass of organisms in our compost are exceptionally high, and there is a density to the richness of our compost as well, containing high density of humates, fulvics, nutrients and minerals as well. All microorganisms required for successful results are present in great numbers in this compost.

Normal composts we have analyzed that are available on the market, on farms, in vermi composts, in fermented products, even bioreactors – may be nice and do great work when we use them for top dressing or seed beds, but do not compare to the level of microbial life and diversity we’ve achieved in our composts, and therefore do not compare when you want a compost for inoculum. 

Here are some of the ways in which we have achieved this superior compost inoculum:


We use a diversity of top quality ingredients, a recipe carefully developed over a decade.


Our compost is approved by Ecocert for use by those who are certified organic.


Our compost method blends aerobic composting methods with fermentation methods, creating the perfect balance of beneficial organisms. 


Our microbial biomass is extremely high, extremely diverse, with fungal bacterial ratios ranging from 1:1 to 4:1, with millions of protozoa, hundreds of beneficial nematodes, and thousands of quality aerobic and facultative bacteria per gram of compost. 


We make our compost at specific times of the year, so that by the time they are at peak biomass when our clients receive it.


Our compost is stored in conditions that allow the microbes to keep developing. 


We do not pre-packaged the compost. Our compost is freshly packaged only when we receive your order, and it is shipped that very same day. 


Our compost is packaged in breathable fabrics, not plastics. These bags are recycled organic grain and seed bags, creating a second life for the fabric bags. 


Compost is a living, breathing bundle of life. We treat it with the care and respect we would treat any other cherished living being. Those who handle the compost have deep respect and love for it, the layers of intentions that are put into the compost are exponential. This compost has been created in a loving environment.


How much compost do I need?


We have calculation instructions on our Compost Order page but if you require any additional help with calculations please do no hesitate to contact us at

How is the compost packaged? 


Smaller orders (x25L) are packaged in re-purposed organic animal feed bags. Bulk orders (x500L) are packaged in repurposed tote bags from organic cereal crop seed stock. If you have any follow up questions at any time, we invite you to email us at 

Is your compost approved for use on certified organic farms?

Yes it is, and here is the downloadable file for reference: Ecocert Certificate


Once I receive a shipment how do I store my compost until ready for use?


Your compost should be kept in a cool location, away from direct sun. It should be out of windy areas to avoid increased evaporation from the pile. The compost should never be allowed to dry out. Any water you add to keep it moist should be filtered to be free of chlorine. Please see our complete instructions on our Compost Care page. 


Can I come and pick up my compost order?


You are welcome to come pick up your compost order at our farm in Sherbrooke QC. However we ask that you please get in touch with us to place and pay for the order first, and then schedule your pickup.


How do I hydrate my compost?

Any water you add to keep it moist should be filtered to be free of chlorine. Typically, we want our mature compost to be at 50% - 60% moisture. Please see our Moisture Test page here to learn how to test the moisture content of your compost. . 


If you must add water, add it from the top. Do not mix the compost when watering, unless you are preparing a portion of your compost for pre-activation. Do not over water at once. It is best to add small amounts of water, several days in a row, until you’ve brought the compost back to the desired moisture level. 


Please consult our Compost Care page for more information on how to care for your compost.


What does activation powder do?


Please see our page called Do I Need to Activate my Compost


How do I activate my compost? How much activation powder do I need?

Please consult our Pre-activation of Compost page for step by step instructions and recipe, including how much activation powder is needed. 

If you need help deciding how much activation powder to buy, please contact us at


How do I make an extract?

Please consult our Liquid Microbials page


How do I make compost tea?

Please consult our Liquid Microbials page


What does a compost mesh/filtration bag do and do I need one?

A filtration bag allows one to extract microbes from a compost into a liquid (when making extracts and teas) without having too much organic matter fall into the liquid and subsequently clog your nozzles. At the same time, the size of the holes in the mesh bag are just right to let even the biggest of microbes pass through it and into the water. The proper mesh size of a compost mesh bag is 400 microns. For more information, please consult our Liquid Microbials page.


If I activate my compost, I end up not using it, can I reuse it? Should it be reactivated?


It is certainly better to wait to be sure that you are going to make a batch of activated compost extract before doing the pre-activation steps of your compost, and that freshly activated compost is ideal. . But, in case you can't use it, you have several options:


You can use it within 2 weeks, it should have enough microbes still active.


Gently mix your activated compost into the rest of your Docterre Compost, and take the amount you want to activate again. Follow the activation steps as usual.


Please see our Pre-activation of Compost page for step by step instructions and recipe for compost activation, and also feel free to read our Do I Need to Activate My Compost page as well. 


How long is the product good for?


When stored properly, this compost may be used for a year with the instructions that we have provided. The second year, it is still good, it’s just less dense in microbes at this point, though incredibly rich in nutrients and will still have lovely biology. So you will simply want to use more of it when making a compost extract or a compost tea to have a similar density of microbes as compared to when it was fresh. 


After two years, the compost is basically a very rich soil, no longer an inoculum source. 

For more information, please see our Compost Care page.

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