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Compost Order Form

Docterre has crafted high quality ecologically complete compost  for soil ecosystem regeneration, as well as insect and disease management. It is strictly for use as inoculum for compost extracts and teas, which are used for soil treatments and foliar sprays.

The diversity and biomass of organisms in our compost are exceptionally high, which can provide all the benefits associated with compost extracts and teas. Docterre compost is also rich in humates, fulvics, nutrients, minerals. When ordering in bulk, the cost of our compost for the use of extracts and teas is $12/acre per treatment or 12$ per 100 liters of compost tea/extract.

Docterre's compost is approved for use on certified organic farms.

To make an order request for compost, please fill out the form below.

This form does not take payment. Once completed, you will receive an email confirming the availability of your request. You will then receive an invoice for the deposit, and your order will be confirmed and reserved once the deposit is paid. 

NB: This is not an automated process. We are a business operating at nature’s pace, thank you for your patience!

Compost Order Form
This form gives us the information needed before we can confirm to you the availability of our compost. Certain details also help us prepare the shipping of your compost. No order will be confirmed until we send you an invoice for a reservation deposit and that deposit is paid.

In order to determine how many litres of compost you need, use the following formulas.


If you will be doing a single treatment method at a time, either soil or foliar, use this calculation:

# of acres x # of treatments/season x 6 L compost

= Total liters compost required for the season


If you will be doing both soil and foliar treatments together at the same time, use this calculation:

# of acres x # of treatments/season x 12 L compost

= Total liters compost required for the season

Does your facility have a loading dock or a pallet jack available? Or would you require a lift service with shipping? (Charge of approximately $60 in addition to shipping fees.)

Thanks for your order! We'll respond with a confirmation of the availability as soon as possible.