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Compost Strategies


We provide bio-complete compost strategies and solutions for agricultural producers and municipalities. We also work directly with waste management companies and producers of compost to analyze and improve their products. We are your go-to specialists in compost composition, teas, extracts, and inoculum.


  • Imbalanced or ineffective compost

  • Uncertain of ideal set up for bio-complete compost

  • Difficulty scaling compost to acreage

  • Unsustainable costs of compost products

  • Compost recipe in need of improvement



  • Pre-consultation form

  • Compost analysis (if applicable)

  • First consultation (phone or on site)

  • Diagnostic

  • Compost amelioration plan and schedule

  • Application of Docterre services as needed 


  • Accompaniment & check-ins

  • Re-analysis to measure results



  • Field visits and recommendations

  • Phone consultations

  • Microbial analyses of compost products

See Lab Services for details​

  • Compost production strategies

  • Temperature and moisture monitoring

  • Recipe correction

  • Guidance in compost tea, inoculum, extracts

  • Equipment modification or sourcing

  • Personnel training

  • Long term compost strategy management


Our compost amelioration plans equip you with skills and knowledge to create compost that will effectively balance microbial activity in your soils. Compost producers can be confident in the reliability and consistency of their products. Agricultural producers and municipalities will gain efficient and sustainable systems for compost management.

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