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Analyses & Pricing

IMPORTANT: Please follow our sampling & shipping protocols when sending in your sample(s). This includes contacting us BEFORE you take your soil samples to reserve a space in our lab schedule. See our page How to send samples for details.


1) Ecological Profile Analysis ------------------------------------------------------------------------$150.00/sample
This is a qualitative analysis which examines the presence/absence and balance of the entire soil food web, live. This test will determine the state and balance of  the entire microbiome of the soil/compost/product in question. A diverse and complete soil food web drives the ecosystem services and functions needed for optimal soil structure, nutrient cycling, nutrient retention, porosity, water retention, resistance to disease, and resilience to flood and drought. 

-Total Beneficial Bacterial Biomass and Diversity (μg/g)
-Total Actinobacteria Biomass (μg/g)
- Presence of Anaerobic Bacteria (Yes/No)
- Presence of Pathogenic Bacteria (Yes/Not Applicable)
- Total Beneficial Fungal Biomass and Diversity (μg/g)
- Fungal to Bacterial Ratio
- Total Oomycete Biomass and Diversity (μg/g)
- Active Amoebae and Flagellates (#/g)
- Active Ciliates (#/g)
- Active Beneficial Nematodes (#/g)
-Active Parasitic Nematodes (#/g)
-Other significant observations (yeasts, algae, spores, cysts, salts)
- Desired microbial ranges 

combine with 2) Active vs. Total Biomass for Fungi and Bacteria ----------------------------$200.00/sample

2) Fungal to Bacterial Ratio Analysis ----------------------------------------------------------------$60.00/sample
Desired microbial communities varies among different plant communities, which in turn determines the varying nutritional requirements of these plants. We use this test to determine the actual balance between fungi to bacteria is in your soil/compost/product, and by providing us information about the desired plants, we can compare your results to the desired range. 

- Total Beneficial Fungal Biomass and Diversity (μg/g)
- Total Beneficial Bacterial Biomass and Diversity(μg/g)
- Fungal to Bacterial Ratio 

3) Nematode Biomass and Diversity---------------------------------------------------------------$100.00/sample

This analysis is to isolate the nematode population so that we are able to assess exactly how many there are in biomass and in diversity by ecological function, and the comparative biomass among the different nematodes. This test is to ensure no presence of pathogenic nematodes in your soils and composts, and to ensure that sufficient predators of pathogens, fungi, and bacteria are present in your soils and composts. Without the proper biomass and diversity of nematodes, nutrient and mineral solubility will be low; risk of plant parasites are high; fungal populations are significantly less stimulated, and so on. Nematodes are one of the most important biological indicator of stress in soil systems.

Please use the same sampling instructions as for soil/compost. We need 100 grams of sample to do this test, and it requires more time to perform. Turn around time for this sample is up to 15 working days. 


- Beneficial Nematode Biomass

- Beneficial Nematode Diversity by ecological function (bacterial, fungal, predator)

- Pathogenic Nematode Biomass

- Pathogenic Nematode Diversity

Photos and videos

We are happy to include photos and videos with your lab report for a minimal administrative fee.

$5.00 / photo

$20.00 / 5 photos

$10.00 / video (30-60 seconds, depending on relevant activity)

$40.00 / 5 videos

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